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Hackintosh: to Make it or to Hack it
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What is a Hackintosh? It's basically a combination of hardware and software that ends up acting like a Mac without being one. If you're reading this article and know the term, then you're most likely looking for quick incentives or red flags in regards to the topic at hand.

Its price - a strong contender
It's a well known fact, even up to a point of content, that Apple seems to charge quite a hefty sum for hardware that should be cheaper. They are able to do so as a Mac is a closed and tightly controlled environment. If you want cheaper...

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SD-WAN Push In Digital Services
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The globe is changing in various dynamics and among them a majority is centered on a digital platform. Earthlink through its CIO official Jay Ferro offers a solution to the changing dynamics because of the strategic position they take in digital solutions by pitching customers with the latest digital stuff in the market. He focuses on pushing digital services to adopt the SD- WAN. The CIO offers a unique perspective which is handy in capturing the markets using digital innovations like the software defined wide area network.
Entrepreneurship is a public act as many can easily determine what...

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Product Information
Why Bluetooth 5 is the next best thing

The new version of Bluetooth promises to be faster and more efficient than its previous versions. The popular wireless networking technology, Bluetooth 5, has many new features that are explained briefly below. 

Increased speed
Bluetooth 5 has twice the transmission speed of V4.2 version. This feature has a significant impact on live media streaming as well as content marketing, website traffic generation, and industrial monitoring.

Longer battery life
While it is true that new technological enhancements tend to consume more power, especially if they are on WiFi or mobile networks,...

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What new features does 5G bring to the table?
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Over the past decade we've seen mobile internet connections gradually increase from G through to 4G, a humble mobile connection working its way through to the fast mobile internet tools we have now. Most new phone contracts include 4G data plans, using advertising buzzwords about how quick, fast and efficient 4G data coverage is. With this in mind, then, it is somewhat intriguing to hear that 5G internet, an even faster, stronger connection, is on the way. This is an upgrade that will yet again make mobile internet faster and perhaps more accessible, but given the incredibly fast...

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Practical Advise
Measures taken to secure corporate networks
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Any person employed as a CIO is required to be continuously aware of how the business is operating and the state of its staff, applications and network. Due to their strenuous duties, they may find it difficult to keep up with network improvements that are relevant to the business. However, there are some methods that they could adopt to ensure the business runs smoothly.
Limiting access to VPN by moving content to private clouds or cloud service providers, access to the corporate network will restrict those authorised to access it. It is important that the CIO ensure that the system is...

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Practical Advise
Putting the IT Bear into Business

Today businesses and organizations all over the world have now taken a digital leap and are driven by technology. Although with this innovating and positive approach the bear has now leapt out of the cage and is going AWOL. 

Why Are IT Sectors becoming Disrupted?

IT sectors are becoming so overloaded that they are falling apart. IT teams are finding it hard to deal with the change in the systems. There is so much transformation happening and so rapidly that tech specialists can't keep up. A lot of people have named IT as a complex beast, a bear that needs taming. Although IT...

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Product Information
A New Revolutionary Software for Your Devices is on the Way
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A new operating system that is set to revolutionise the way you use your computers and mobile devices is right on the way. The two developers credited for developing the software are Christopher Anderson, the veteran of Google Nexus Q Projects and Google Android TV. The other developer is Brian Swetland who is the senior software developer at Google. 

The Fuschia Operating System 

The Fuschia operating system is not based on the Linus kernel that is known to support Google Chrome and Android. The operating system is built on Magenta, which is a medium-sized micro kernel that is...

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Inside Story
The four biggest consequences of brexiting so far
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The shock victory in the brexiting camp could already be hitting the EU economic market. It triggered a political turmoil and sent shockwaves throughout global markets. Britain seems to be set for an economic turmoil. Below is a summary of the 4 biggest consequences of the brexit vote so far. 

Trade deals 
The new ministry of trade will have to sign a deal with the other 27 EU members. Bilateral trade bloc deals may take many years to mature. Britain may also be behind the queue in terms of UK-US trade deals. While this is true, UK trades does not largely depend on trade...

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Practical Advise
Protecting Your System against Ransomware

Ransomware has been an increasing threat over the past few years with businesses and consumers facing terrible losses. This type of cybercrime involves hacking of critical information and then holding it for ransom until the owners pay. Most of these attacks target companies where data is a vital resource. A majority of ransomware infects systems through emails. Users click on infected links and end up with compromised data files. The most common tactic is to make files unreadable or inaccessible and then demand payment in the form of bitcoins to release the originals. In some instances,...

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Google in Learning: Google Launches Four New Educational Tools
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Google has been working hard to develop a new set of tools and apps which are designed to boost interactive learning experiences. Unveiled during the 2016 Denver Technology in Education Conference, these four new tools are set to change the way educational classes are taught. From the new quiz feature in Google forms, to incredible immersive VR technology, read on for updates on Google's latest educational products. 

Expedition Kits
The star of the show is the new Expeditions kit.The kit comes in a bundle that features 30 viewing devices, a teacher device, router, charger and 3D...

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