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Top Trends in Endpoint Security to Look Out For In 2018
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Endpoint security is a safety method that is applied through locking down of endpoints such as PCs, tablets, and phones among other network-enabled devices, to safeguard networks. What separates endpoint security from the simple PC protection is that the security features on the endpoints are managed essentially by corporate IT. These security measures are run in two layers: 

  1. There are software agents who work in the background on the endpoints. 
  2. A centralized endpoint security system which observes and manages the agents. 


What to Expect In 2018 

As threats...

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How to Solve DevOps Challenges
Thumb devops

DevOps can be defined as the relationship between IT operatives and development operations that ensures services and various applications are delivered at a fast rate. It includes various tools, practices, tools and cultural philosophies. It essentially means that products are improved and developed faster as opposed to the way that organisations used traditional software and infrastructure to develop various processes. DevOps have managed to evolve greatly over the years. However, although they keep thriving, this year they are likely to face some challenges. Here is how to solve...

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Leveraging ITIL Practices to Your Advantage
Thumb itil management

ITIL is an acronym for IT Infrastructure Library. This compendium of knowledge has evolved over the years and the latest publications (version three) place a great deal of emphasis upon concepts such as the relationship between businesses and IT as a digital framework. More specifically, the ITIL is separated into five categories:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Transition
  • Operations
  • Continuous quality and service improvements

Having said this, how can these concepts be successfully incorporated into a business and what factors should management take into account?


ITIL Management Solutions...

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How to use IoT to save money on your business operations
Thumb iot einsparungen

The term Internet of Things commonly referred to as IoT has gained popularity over the past few years. Catchy phrases that are associated with IoT such as retrofitted sensors, predictive maintenance, and advanced technologies are becoming common and making business owners curious. Technically, the Internet of Things is set to become the next big thing. IoT has already spread to office buildings all over the world, and some companies are already enjoying the benefits of this technology. One of the leading reasons why cost-saving IoT is being developed is to optimize business operations...

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Meet your diverse application needs with a low-code platform
Thumb lowcodeplatforms

Although the concept is not entirely new, the phrase ‘low-code development’ has only recently entered into common usage. Most SMBs will always welcome the opportunity to manage a costly process in-house, and app development is no different. Using low-code technology which reduces the need for complex hand-coding, organisations can meet their specific business requirements with apps which are supported by mobile and other devices. 


How does it work in practice?

Low-code service providers have pioneered the use of innovative software which saves time and money on the...

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Practical Advice
How to Carry Out a Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
Thumb swot analysis

Effective management of a business requires you to identify the strengths to exploit and the weaknesses to work on. A company must also understand the opportunities available and threats that may compromise its capabilities, and that is what SWOT analysis is all about. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A proper SWOT analysis allows the management of an enterprise to identify several factors that contribute heavily towards its performance. Every small business must learn how to carry out a SWOT analysis adequately to benefit from its outcomes. The...

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A guide to the significance of compliance management
Thumb compliance

Compliance forms a considerable part of corporate management, and this is typically regarding the fact that this term is used in describing the company with regards to obeying and sticking to all of the legal regulations and rules. These accounts for the diverse ways that the organisation manages the business, their staff and also their ideas around their consumers. This concept of compliance is one of the ways laid aside to help the corporation act respectably. Some of the benefits that come with better compliance management include;


Standard Rules and Regulations

One standard base...

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Why you should use this technique for your next development project
Thumb minimum viable product

Minimum Viable Product, also known as MVP, is a much misunderstood, but incredibly important term when it comes to modern product development. Whether you are building a piece of software, a website, or trying to design a brand new type of car, MVP allows you to build your offering faster, and with greater confidence.

The idea is to launch a basic, functional version of your long-term idea and allow the market to provide feedback. This is looped back into its design process. The next version should now be better as a result, and you can add more features and test it with the market once...

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Tips on How to Build a Secure IT Infrastructure
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The IT department is one of the most significant branches of a company. Building a secure IT infrastructure, therefore, requires prior planning to ensure that everything is in place and that there is no possibility of putting the operations of the firm at risk. The below tips will give you an insight into what is needed to build a secure IT infrastructure in your company.


Have a Defined Budget

The size and security of an IT infrastructure mostly depend on the resources available in a company. While big companies can create a large-scale IT infrastructure and still have room for...

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Practical Advise
Tips for more IT security on international trips
Thumb dienstreise

Overseas travel is a normal procedure for many business people. However, it comes with risks like the loss of equipment, spyware in hotel rooms and data theft through open WI-FI. Here is how to protect your data on international business trips:


1. Update your hardware and software

Before you board a plane, ensure that all firmware on your devices are updated. Not updating your firmware makes your device more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. 


2. Only carry what you need

When travelling overseas, you should only carry the data that you absolutely will need. Store all...

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