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SAP S/4 HANA stagniert
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In January 2019, the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) conducted an investment survey of companies using the Walldorf ERP software product line. Only around 3 percent of the total of 244 respondents from Germany, Austria and Switzerland work with SAP S/4HANA according to the latest findings of DSAG. Another 5 per cent of the companies surveyed plan to introduce S/4HANA in 2019. According to the Corporate Fact Sheet of the SAP initiators, 10,500 companies from the D-A-CH economic region used the S/4HANA database at the end of 2018, i.e. 2.5 percent of the 425,000 total users.



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New technologies from AI to BI: What are German companies still waiting for? 
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Let innovations mature – and then implement them yourself, optimize them and be more successful than the inventors. This is a common, almost typically German approach when it comes to technologies. This picture is characterized not least by the results of the current Logicalis CIO study. In the annual study conducted by the leading provider of IT solutions and managed services, Logicalis, 814 CIOs worldwide were surveyed. In an international comparison, German participants were hesitant about the use of new technologies. At the same time, the acceptance of innovations is also...

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PAC study: Challenges in SAP Application Management – external service providers increasingly important
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For years, companies have been dealing with one central theme in IT: Adapting the SAP portfolio to the challenges of the digital age. The focus here lay especially on the operation and management of SAP applications. In earlier years, it seemed sufficient to rely on the process- and governance-driven approach for application management. In lapidary terms, the main thing was that the applications run. But these times are long gone and the challenges in SAP Application Management are becoming increasingly complex and urgent for companies.

For this reason, the consulting firm...

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Crisp Research: Trends in four directions 
Thumb crisp research trends

Crisp Research has once again taken a look into the future and predicts digitisation trends in four directions for 2019. In addition to data availability, digital strategy and human interaction with technology are possible innovations in the near future. Whether these innovations actually lead to improvements depends to a large extent on how those responsible handle the collected data and what conclusions they draw from it. 


New data sources 2019 

Data Lakes and Hadoop are now proven technologies for storing large amounts of data. According to Crisp Research, 2019 will...

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The 5 Biggest Windows 10 Challenges for CISOs
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For devices in business everyday life it is the standard par excellence: Microsoft Windows. After Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 7 originally for January 2019, many German companies have already switched to Windows 10. According to StatCounter, around 58.39% of all computers in Germany currently run this operating system.

This means that they are already set up for the future – because Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 the new standard and continuously develop it further. But once migrated, the work for CISOs is unfortunately not yet done: the entire IT...

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Gartner’s Technological Trends for 2019
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Gartner released a second segment of the annual Gartner trends. The previous one concentrated on strategic forecasts, but this one has focused on technology trends. Here is what Gartner thinks will happen in the world of technology in the coming year: 


Autonomous things 

There has been spiking investments in autonomous things for years. There is a race to the autonomy of all kinds among the most prominent companies around the world. Autonomous things will be supported by various technologies such as IoT and AI. 



Gartner says that by 2022, 40% of new app...

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How to Protect Yourself Against Social Engineering Attacks
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Social engineering is the most dangerous vector of attack that is available to hackers. It can be executed through a phone call, an email phishing attack or a physical intrusion into your building by an individual claiming false credentials. 

Social engineering involves the art of manipulating employees into doing things that are related to security such as revealing confidential information or giving away personal computer access. Instead of using computer systems or networks, social engineers utilise psychological tricks on employees to gain access to small pieces of information....

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Main Reasons for a Failing Digital Workplace
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Nobody likes to fail: failure makes you feel uncomfortable, inadequate and embarrassed. At your workplace, it can lead to demotivation, write-ups or even termination. As an employee or a manager, failure is not fatal, and when you permit yourself to fail, at the same time, you are giving yourself an opportunity to excel. 

Compared to other major initiatives, the procedure for creating digital workplaces has various opportunities to fail. However, attempting to avoid or eliminate failure at all costs can be more detrimental and can result in expensive mistakes. If your company is...

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Practical Advice
How to protect data in the cloud
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The endorsement of cloud data storage has greatly enabled innovation, creativity, and peer collaboration. Many people enjoy its accessibility and resourcefulness. However, cloud security measures are often neglected, and most companies expect the service providers to be accountable. Many businesses only protect their credit card information and personal data. They do not prioritise on investing financial and other appropriate resources to protect critical information. As a result, some companies encounter problems when combating security threats while others suffer great losses in...

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How to Build a Water-Tight Cybersecurity Strategic Plan
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As an IT expert in a management position, cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities. Implementing new security measures in your organisation comes with some challenges, but is a big step towards protecting your organisation. Here are tips that can help you to run a cybersecurity project smoothly: 


Do Thorough Research before You Start 

It is vital to learn from people with experience in your road to creating a leadership-level security plan. Since you are likely to be the leader of cybersecurity in your company, you will have to study resources from other...

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