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An overview of Bots
An overview of Bots
Time icon 1 June 2016, 9:31 am

A bot refers to software that has been designed tasks that one would typically do on their own. The software is capable of performing simple tasks such as making a dinner reservation, making or adding an appointment to the calendar. The innovation of these applications has led to the simulation of conversations. The software is a third-party application encompassed inside other messaging applications such as Telegram. It enables the user to chat back and forth just the way they talk with a fellow human.

The application can also be used to handle some customer service requests saving costs incurred on hiring an individual. An example a business institution that uses a bot to serve its clients is Taco Bell. The company has provided a bot that through customers make orders and payments through an automated conversation.

There are Bots of different types designed to serve different purposes. X.ai can be used to schedule meetings without necessarily involving human services. Bot developers believe that as they continue to improve the application, it will come a time when everything will be automated. 

As mentioned earlier, Chatbot is existing in messaging applications. The business-focused messaging service, slack also has bot incorporated in it. The application helps in many work-related tasks such as to-do-lists. Kik Messenger, an application with more than 250 million users recently announced to have incorporated a Bot store. The bot can be used by the users to share Vine videos as well as making makeup suggestions. Twitter also has had the bot store for quite some time. The bot tweets about earthquakes as soon as they are registered. The Domino's bot also allows users to order pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji.

Large enterprises are involved in building bots. Microsoft and Slack are betting on making even bigger bots. Google Company has also invested big on bots. Currently, it is reported that the company is working on a chatbot that will stay in a mobile messaging product.