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Hackintosh: to Make it or to Hack it
Hackintosh: to Make it or to Hack it
Time icon21 October 2016, 13:26 pm

What is a Hackintosh? It's basically a combination of hardware and software that ends up acting like a Mac without being one. If you're reading this article and know the term, then you're most likely looking for quick incentives or red flags in regards to the topic at hand.

Its price - a strong contender
It's a well known fact, even up to a point of content, that Apple seems to charge quite a hefty sum for hardware that should be cheaper. They are able to do so as a Mac is a closed and tightly controlled environment. If you want cheaper prices, then you'll have to hack it.
This may not sound like a big issue if you're only worrying about yourself, but what if you wanted to start a development studio and quickly needed 10 Macs?

Access - a dream come true
Apple has tight restrictions for a reason; it allows them to control the flow of applications and ensure that all of them are up to a certain standard. These restrictions do sometimes become a burden for developers and some will simply avoid the platform altogether instead of dealing with those regulations. That's the professional way of explaining why there are very few games on Mac compared to the PC.
The more access to the machine you have, the more you can do with it.

Its future - a possible problem 
However, the world of Hackintosh isn't simply sparkles and rainbows. If you're building this machine for yourself, you're most likely wise enough to deal with the lack of support, the possible issues that come up with certain applications and the constant fear that Apple's next update might break a few hacked features that were never meant to be compatible with aMac in the first place.
That being said, the pros may outweigh the cons if you're nimble; it's the price to pay if you want to take ownership of your machine.