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CEBIT 2018: What you need to know
CEBIT 2018: What you need to know
Time icon29 November 2017, 8:25 am

CEBIT 2018 will take place in June next year with a complete new outset, and will feature new event formats, layouts and a new theme. It will focus on four elements;



D!conomy is focused towards the digitisation of government and business. It will address the means by which international companies can leverage on the benefits of the digital economy as they can present effective solutions that industrial users require to digitise their operations. D!conomy will feature the following themes; digital office, communication, process and data management, security and infrastructure. 



D!tech explores emerging technologies, new value creation networks and how they influence the digital future. D!tech will discuss how startups can use creativity to grow their business models. It will also look into emerging technologies and disruptive business models and how they affect the future. 



D!talk will be CEBIT’s centre for digitisation conversations. It will feature a conference format that allows for conversations on political, economic and social issues around the digitisation trend. D!talk will host a panel of experts who will be discussing upcoming security challenges on AL and how to go about them. 



D!campus is located beneath the EXPO canopy on the open air site and will facilitate a dialogue about the gains of digitisation. D!campus will extend up to 11 pm to offer attendees an opportunity to converse and network. 

Day one (11th June) of CEBIT 2018 is set aside for the media, political leaders and the VIPS where discussions will be centred on the challenges facing political leaders in Europe. On the following days, exhibits will open from 10 a.m to 7 p.m with the d!campus open to 11 pm. On Friday CEBIT will focus on opening the show to a wider audience, which includes special communities with a role in shaping the digital future.