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Why are Android Users Switching to iOS Systems?
Why are Android Users Switching to iOS Systems?
Time icon19 January 2018, 10:01 am

It is a well-established fact that Android and iOS have been doing battle for a number of years in regards to which is the better overall operating system. However, it is beginning to look like iOS might be gaining ground and attracting more users. Why is this the case and what can we expect in the coming months?


The Security Issue

The rise of malware and spyware dictates that users are more keenly aware of potential security vulnerabilities than ever before. Unfortunately, Android has been a bit late in the game when addressing this issue. iOS systems have always been restrictive in terms of third-party flexibility. While this might provide users with less application-based options, the fact of the matter is that it is the safer bet. 


Device Freedom

A growing number of users own more than one mobile device. Gone are the days when they would have relied upon a single unit alone. This is important, for iOS offers the ability to synchronise discrete applications across multiple devices. There is no doubt that Android-powered systems are equipped with a certain level of cross device-functionality and yet, such architecture does not appear to be as user-friendly or streamlined.


Customer Service and Support

A final issue seems to revolve around the customer service differences between these two firms: Android can be installed on a number of different smartphone brands and as a result, the user will be forced to contact each manufacturer in the event that a problem arises. With Apple, a single contact point is all that is required to speak with a specialist.

Although there are good points associated with each platform, we are now forced to wonder whether or not the tide has slightly turned in favour of the Apple-based iOS system.