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Tips for more IT security on international trips
Tips for more IT security on international trips
Time icon 9 March 2018, 12:03 pm

Overseas travel is a normal procedure for many business people. However, it comes with risks like the loss of equipment, spyware in hotel rooms and data theft through open WI-FI. Here is how to protect your data on international business trips:


1. Update your hardware and software

Before you board a plane, ensure that all firmware on your devices are updated. Not updating your firmware makes your device more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. 


2. Only carry what you need

When travelling overseas, you should only carry the data that you absolutely will need. Store all the data on a SD card or a USB drive, instead of keeping it on your device. Remember to back up your data before leaving.


3. Carry a clean 'loaner' device 

Ask the IT department for a 'loaner' device to use on your trip. Those devices have fewer business data, thus reducing your vulnerability to cyber attacks. If the 'loaner' device gets lost, the IT team can remotely scrub off any information before damage is done.


4. Always keep your devices with you

When on a business trip, never let your tablet, phone or laptop out of sight, whether it is in the hotel room or conference hall. Always carry your gadget with you to ensure that your data is safe from other people.


5. Avoid public wifi 

It is possible for others to monitor your activity on a public network. Therefore, always use a VPN to access public wi-fi. 


6. Encrypt everything

Change all your passwords before the trip. Also, ensure that all your social media accounts, data, phone calls and online chats are encrypted. 

While travelling internationally, you will probably find different cybersecurity laws. Therefore, its important to intensify security beforehand to prevent any accidental data loss.