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How to Solve DevOps Challenges
How to Solve DevOps Challenges
Time icon 4 May 2018, 10:05 am

DevOps can be defined as the relationship between IT operatives and development operations that ensures services and various applications are delivered at a fast rate. It includes various tools, practices, tools and cultural philosophies. It essentially means that products are improved and developed faster as opposed to the way that organisations used traditional software and infrastructure to develop various processes. DevOps have managed to evolve greatly over the years. However, although they keep thriving, this year they are likely to face some challenges. Here is how to solve them:


1. Inability to Be Versatile

Although DevOps save time and are competent, they are only suited for some projects. Therefore, organisations should always ensure that their development teams have assessed if DevOps are suitable for a certain project prior to using them. The best way to do this is by using management software for project portfolios. The software will assist you in getting the right variables for specific projects and how to distribute the correct resources. Subsequently, the organisation will be able to carry out its projects efficiently.


2. Defining DevOps

During the past years, DevOps have managed to develop quite fast. But some organisations have not been able to define the term quite well and they cluster it as a process. Therefore, some development teams end up being confused on how to use this technique and what their specific tasks are. To use the process efficiently, organisations should always ensure that they define the term formally. Development teams should also be efficiently introduced to it. By doing this, they will be able to use them quite effectively.


3. Phasing Out Legacy Systems

Legacy systems include legacy apps that are hard to sustain when organisations are coming up with new systems and apps. However, when you are transitioning to DevOps they become even harder to maintain. It is advisable to do away with them completely when you want to start working with DevOps. But your customers and employees may find it hard to away with them. You can introduce them gradually, by developing a new version of an old app before you phase them out completely.

DevOps are the trends of the future, therefore, an organisation will benefit greatly by introducing them to their employees and customers.