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Overcoming Your Smartphone Addiction
Overcoming Your Smartphone Addiction
Time icon 3 August 2018, 11:08 am

Smartphones can be used to achieve several day-to-day activities such as working, getting in touch with loved ones, accessing knowledge through the internet or snapping your photos, just to mention a few. However, these fantastic gadgets have a way of holding your attention, and even rewire your brain to increase your phone dependency. For instance, if the "ding" of your phone makes you drop whatever you are doing or low battery warning leaves you anxious, then you are probably suffering from phone addiction.

Smartphone addiction negatively affects your social, physical, and economic well-being. Therefore, some of the strategies you can implement to overcome smartphone addiction include:


1. Establish Phone-free Zones

Smartphones have interfered with our social skills. Designating certain places such as the bedroom and certain times like mealtimes or meetings as phone-free zones is an excellent way to tackle smartphone addiction. It offers an opportunity to spend real time with your surroundings rather than doing it on social media. Also, keeping your phone off the bedroom allows you to get quality sleep, which increases your mental acuity.


2. Delete Unnecessary Apps

Social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, as well as gaming and texting apps are not entirely essential on smartphones. So, disenable them and replace them with addiction-breaking apps such as Checky, AppDetox, and ColdTurkey to help limit your smartphone usage.


3. Find Healthier Activities

During your free times, you may feel the urge to use your smartphone so as to pass time. Avoid being bored and lonely by finding healthier ways to fill the time, for instance, exercising, reading a book, physical socializing, or meditating.


4. Use a feature phone instead

Technology is meant to work for you, not the other way round. So, if smartphones are causing stress, disagreements, financial issues, or anxiety, and none of the above strategies seem to work, you need to take extreme measures to overcome smartphone addiction. You should switch back to a feature phone for a while until you have dealt with your addiction. It won't be simple, but it's absolutely worth it.