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Development and Implementation of Security Policy
Development and Implementation of Security Policy
Time icon28 September 2018, 10:09 am

Almost every day you hear about a new industry or company that was attacked by hackers. These information breaches have great impacts on an industry's bottom line and may lead to permanent damage to its reputation. That means it is essential for organisations of all sizes, be it small or large, to be proactive to protect the firm and its customers' information. One of the largest information technology security vulnerabilities for organisations to deal with originate from its employees. So how does the company create a security awareness culture that encourages its employees to take proactive approaches to information privacy?

The first thing to do is to create a clear, enforceable information technology security plan that will help in the protection of your data and other valuable assets. You will need to educate your employees about your policy and why it is essential for the firm. Also, make sure that the IT security plan and the education are part of your onboarding procedures for all incoming employees. Here are the two main points to help you get started: 


Password Policy 

The most common and easiest point of creating your security policy is the use of a password. This is the first step that will enable your employees to protect your organisation from any attacks. Password policy is the frontline of safeguarding user accounts. Poorly selected passwords may lead to damage to the firm's whole network. This security policy applies to any individual who owns an account that is associated with your corporate system or network, which include guests, employees, partners, vendors and contractors. 


Remain Proactive 

It is essential to remind your employees to be more proactive when it comes to protecting your assets and data. Ensure that your employees are in the position to identify any suspicious activity and be able to report it on time and to the appropriate group or individual within the company. The dangers of the breach increase over time, and the longer it takes to detect an invasion, the higher the potential for damage. When an employee reports the security breaches on time, you are likely to prevent permanent damages and issues.