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Practical Advise
Remote Work Doesn't Have To Be A Black Hole
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With the demand for remote jobs, both employers and employees are seeking to be part of a virtual team. While companies focus on reducing operational costs by hiring a virtual team, employers on the other side need a more flexible job to make it possible to balance between family and career. As an employer, managing a virtual team can be a challenge, but you can master it with the following managerial skills:


Emphasise on Communication

One of the main aspects of keeping a virtual team alive is communication. You need to keep your remote employees engaged, as you would do in a...

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Why are Android Users Switching to iOS Systems?
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It is a well-established fact that Android and iOS have been doing battle for a number of years in regards to which is the better overall operating system. However, it is beginning to look like iOS might be gaining ground and attracting more users. Why is this the case and what can we expect in the coming months?


The Security Issue

The rise of malware and spyware dictates that users are more keenly aware of potential security vulnerabilities than ever before. Unfortunately, Android has been a bit late in the game when addressing this issue. iOS systems have always been restrictive in...

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Practical Advice
Top 5 cloud security threats in 2018
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Information technology will continue to fight against cloud security threats in 2018 just as it has been in the previous years. With the lingering threats that continue looming over businesses this year, the need for practicing data protection is more important than ever before. To know more about these threats, here are the top 5 cloud security dangers:


1. Inadequate security tools in the cloud

Most businesses aren't fully equipped with adequate cloud security tools, hence the reason data leakages occur. By investing a little time in an efficient cloud security tool, every...

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Physical Fences Don’t Make Sense in 2017; Companies Need Digital Security
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Identity and Access Management, also known as IAM, involves defining and managing the roles and access rights of network users in an organization. It helps organizations to create authentic digital identities for their people. Administrators need to maintain, modify and monitor these idenities for as long as users retain their access privileges. 


IAM's Goal

IAM's overriding goal is to provide prompt access to specific information assets to the right users. The system enables administrators to modify a user's role, track their activities and enforce security...

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