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CEBIT 2018: What you need to know
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CEBIT 2018 will take place in June next year with a complete new outset, and will feature new event formats, layouts and a new theme. It will focus on four elements;



D!conomy is focused towards the digitisation of government and business. It will address the means by which international companies can leverage on the benefits of the digital economy as they can present effective solutions that industrial users require to digitise their operations. D!conomy will feature the following themes; digital office, communication, process and data management, security and...

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Practical Advice
The Underestimated Importance of Workplace Mobility
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Workplace mobility is a growing business strategy used by some managers to commission the staff to work from anywhere regardless of the time or device being used. This move is backed by the fact that tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices bring flexibility within the workplace when connected through broadband. Various organizations are adopting this idea owing to the following reasons:  



Different mobile applications have played a major role in helping workers access and share documents and presentations from different...

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Big Players in Tech Caught in Paradise Paper Leaks
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The Paradise Papers is in the news for all the wrong reasons, and it drags the tech industries down with its mire. Paradise Papers constitute about 13 million leaked secret corporate files. The leaks outline tax and financial affairs of corporate and other individuals. Among others, big players in tech industry such as Apple and Facebook figure in the leaked papers.


Apple Accused of Exploiting tax Loopholes

Apple has been accused of funnelling its worldwide sales through subsidiaries in Ireland. These subsidiaries, technically “stateless,” pay as little as 0.005...

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It's Time to Make the Most of IT Professionals for IT Security
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Findings of a recent ISC² study show that companies are not fully using their IT professionals when it comes to cybersecurity. Also, they are not making the most of opportunities to train equip these professionals who play such a vital role in protecting their organisations from cyber threats. Over 3,300 IT professionals were surveyed across the world to deliver these findings as part of a Global Information Security Workforce Study for 2017. The survey shows that proper training and accreditation for IT staff is important because it is the most effective way for many companies to...

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