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Cloud Cost Management
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Operating your company in the cloud is different than running on premises. As the operations differ, so do the strategies for controlling costs. From a financial perspective, a data centre needs a huge capital outlay for the building, extra capital spending for software licenses and servers, and smaller but essential operating expenses for powering the cooling systems and the servers, and for management and maintenance. In the cloud, on the other hand, you will not incur any capital expenses. Instead, there can be enormous operating costs, charged for the server virtual machine...

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Practical Advise
How to Capitalise on an Out-of-Band Network
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Out-of-band management in computer networking refers to a technique of accessing a system through alternate means. Essentially, IT teams gain entry through connections that are not on the actual network. The type of assets in the system determines the access provided. An out-of-band management system can be based on a hybrid model or be entirely dedicated. Organisations also have to pick between hosting an out-of-band system virtually and its on-premises alternative. OOBM networks have various advantages for enterprises, including an improvement in the system functionality. Some of the...

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Practical Advice
Key Elements Of An Effective IT Strategy
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IT is a core part of a business in today’s modern world due to the numerous benefits it offers. Companies need IT for communication, marketing, sales and other critical operations. Information technology improves efficiency, productivity and revenue growth. This importance of IT is why it needs its own separate strategy in an organisation. A majority of companies fail to capitalise on the full potential of their IT departments due to the lack of a concrete strategy.


Must Align with Enterprise Goals

An actionable IT policy must take into account the objectives of the entire...

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Creating a Good Disaster Recovery Plan
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What will you do when your enterprise is suddenly without electricity – for a week? Organization operations may be affected unexpectedly in case unplanned incidences occur. Disasters as such can result from human error, power outages, virus attacks and other causes. It’s the role of the management to set measures to ensure that the business can deal with these tragedies when they occur: A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented approach for strategies to be used as a response in case unplanned events occur. A DRP must have all steps to be followed during such...

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