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A guide to the significance of compliance management
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Compliance forms a considerable part of corporate management, and this is typically regarding the fact that this term is used in describing the company with regards to obeying and sticking to all of the legal regulations and rules. These accounts for the diverse ways that the organisation manages the business, their staff and also their ideas around their consumers. This concept of compliance is one of the ways laid aside to help the corporation act respectably. Some of the benefits that come with better compliance management include;


Standard Rules and Regulations

One standard base...

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Why you should use this technique for your next development project
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Minimum Viable Product, also known as MVP, is a much misunderstood, but incredibly important term when it comes to modern product development. Whether you are building a piece of software, a website, or trying to design a brand new type of car, MVP allows you to build your offering faster, and with greater confidence.

The idea is to launch a basic, functional version of your long-term idea and allow the market to provide feedback. This is looped back into its design process. The next version should now be better as a result, and you can add more features and test it with the market once...

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Tips on How to Build a Secure IT Infrastructure
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The IT department is one of the most significant branches of a company. Building a secure IT infrastructure, therefore, requires prior planning to ensure that everything is in place and that there is no possibility of putting the operations of the firm at risk. The below tips will give you an insight into what is needed to build a secure IT infrastructure in your company.


Have a Defined Budget

The size and security of an IT infrastructure mostly depend on the resources available in a company. While big companies can create a large-scale IT infrastructure and still have room for...

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Practical Advise
Tips for more IT security on international trips
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Overseas travel is a normal procedure for many business people. However, it comes with risks like the loss of equipment, spyware in hotel rooms and data theft through open WI-FI. Here is how to protect your data on international business trips:


1. Update your hardware and software

Before you board a plane, ensure that all firmware on your devices are updated. Not updating your firmware makes your device more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. 


2. Only carry what you need

When travelling overseas, you should only carry the data that you absolutely will need. Store all...

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