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Practical Advise
Four Productivity Tips That Will Change Your Life
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Are you at work feeling overloaded and increasingly stressed? Find out how you can reclaim your time, boost your productivity and feel in control with these four smart strategies: 


1. Integrate time-blocking into your calendar. 

To-do lists are great and no IT professional should be without one. Time-blocking, however, takes to-do lists to the next level. It's a simple but incredibly powerful concept – allocating a specific time-slot to the task in question. You can do this at the start of the day with an online calendar or a physical one, but the important...

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Practical Advice
Office Ergonomics guidelines to help improve effectiveness
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Ergonomics covers the study of the plan and outlay of an office to meet the potential and limits of the worker. The primary objective of office ergonomics is to lay out your office space in a way that suits you and helps you work in a comfortable environment to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. 

A workstation that is in line with the guidelines of an ergonomic office helps you stay away from exhaustion and uneasiness. You should incorporate some office ergonomics tips into your workstation to achieve the highest level of productivity. 


Body posture tips 

  • ...

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Putting an end to patching chaos in the IT suite
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Most corporate systems are being patched constantly by the IT department. Software upgrades, security alerts, changes to the IT architecture, fixes and new functionality all require amendments to existing systems. In the past, these patches were applied in an ad-hoc fashion, and not properly documented. But with the complexity of today’s IT architecture, that approach soon lead to chaos. 

So companies are increasingly turning to patch management software, to ensure that these changes are implemented in a controlled and compliant way, with the least impact on critical...

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