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What is a BLOB?
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In the computer terminologies, BLOB stands for a binary large object. It is pronounced as BLAHB, and in some cases, it is spelled in all lower case. A BLOB is a big file, either an image or sound file, which should be handled in a particular way mainly because of its size. BLOBs are controlled by either being downloaded, uploaded or storing information in a database. 


What type of data do BLOBs store? 

BLOBs are data types that can store binary data. This data is diverse from other data types utilised in databases, for example, characters, integers, strings and floating...

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Tips That Can Help Companies to Prevent Data Leakage
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With modern technology, data leaks occur in many ways, such as unauthorised access to databases, negligence from workers or other forms of security breaches. Companies should be ready to avert data leakage at all times. Here are some tips that can help any organisation to prevent data leakage: 


Preparing ahead of time 

Companies should identify the data and systems that require the most protection and incorporate safety systems to guarantee the security of their most delicate information. Additionally, in-depth background checks should be conducted on employees before they...

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Avoiding Costly and Damaging Endpoint Management Pitfalls
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According to online security analyst IDC, more than 70 per cent of all network breaches occur at virtual endpoints. It therefore makes sense that proactively monitoring these nodes and addressing compliance issues should take centre stage within any organisation. Unfortunately, very few IT supervisors have recognised the threats posed by spurious and/or nonexistent endpoint management. Let us examine the associated risks as well as what steps can be taken in order to mitigate the negative outcomes of such oversights. 


A Growing Threat 

While the existential threats posed by...

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What about Pair Programming?
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Pair programming refers to two programmers sharing and operating in one workstation. This workstation comprises a screen, but two keyboards and two mice. One of the programmes at the keyboard is known as the driver, and their role is to write codes. The other programmer is the navigator or observer who checks the codes as they are typed in. They usually sit together on one code and talk about it and solve the problem at hand. 

Several organisations have adopted this practice. It is essential to look at the benefits and shortcomings that emanate from adopting pair...

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