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The power of thin clients
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Thin clients are getting more important to the IT market, especially in combination with SaaS and cloud services. For manufacturing and service they are a perfect solution, where no special hardware is needed and all application and data could be stored and managed in the cloud.


In these areas they are a useful tool, because they do not need additional hardware like hard disks or active drives. With reducing fragile hardware there is less support needed and data protection is improved.


Thin clients can be managed, installed and supported easily, even in small numbers as well in...

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Future senior management likes video conferencing
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Cisco has made a study to see how future senior management is thinking about video conferencing. The results show a clear trend and highlight the big potential of this technology.


Future senior management agree that video conferencing is important for future business. 87% of them see a positive effect for daily work using this technology. They expect a big growth in markets and optimized solutions in the future. But in spite of all benefits of this technology some of them are afraid to be in front of a camera.


They see a lot of positive effects using video conferencing in team...

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