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The Increasingly Important Role of Managed Security Service Providers
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The threats found within the digital world are now more serious than ever before. Whether referring to Zero-Day Ransomware, phishing or DDoS attacks, organisations need to take such possibilities very seriously. The irony is that procuring adequate levels of protection can prove to be challenging for businesses which have neither the time nor the experience. Thus, the role of the managed security service provider becomes quite clear. 


Layered and Thorough Protection

From a general point of view, the managed security service provider (MSSP) is concerned with...

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Practical Advice
How to Prevent CEO Fraud
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According to a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over $3 billion has been lost in the past three years due to CEO fraud or Business Email Compromise. And the impact has been nothing short of significant in all the reported cases. In fact, since the FBI started tracking the CEO frauds, it has compiled about 7000 plus victimized U.S companies and losses amounting to about $740 million and counting.


Beware of the signs

While most times you will barely realize that there has been a Business Email Compromise until it's too late, there are certain red flags that could help...

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Why Hybrid Cloud is the Future of Computing
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The cloud is a rage, but the big advantages come with some significant drawbacks. The spotlight is now on hybrid cloud computing, essentially a mix of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud deployment models, as an effective way to sustain the advantages while overcoming the drawbacks. 


The cloud made everything simple – the hybrid cloud is even simpler

Many enterprises have adopted the public and private cloud in a big way, to leverage the latest cutting-edge computing technology, such as advanced data analytic tools, machine learning platforms, and more. With the...

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Practical Advice
Embracing Shadow IT in businesses
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What happens when employees feel that the IT department is not being innovative enough to fulfilling their needs? Employees may become less innovative and inefficient in their duties, but with the pressures of performing on today's workplace, they tend to find solutions elsewhere. This is why shadow IT is quickly growing as an alternative solution.


What is Shadow IT?

When technology is implemented by an individual or team without the approval of the IT team it is shadow IT. For example, an entire department may decide to use a different cloud computing environment from the rest...

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Practical Advise
8 Ways to Minimize the Cost of a Data Breach
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A data breach can be extremely cost intensive, even threatening to business continuity. C-level managers act wisely, if they enable several processes and measures against. The following are ways through which you can cut the cost of data breach:


1. Encryption

You can reduce the cost of data breach by $16 by ensuring that your company is thoroughly encrypted. This entails protection of both data at rest (files saved on devices) and data in transit (such sending an email).


2. Business Community Management (BCM)

Wise organizations identity potential threats and with a BCM process...

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Why enterprises are employing new workstyle strategies
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According to research carried out by Dimension Data titled "Digital Workplace Report: Transforming your business" artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it is already having a huge impact in driving transformation in many organisations. The report was carried out in 5 continents across 15 countries and surveyed 800 organisations. The big takeaway from this report is that many organisations are now moving to digital and virtual workplaces, with this trend expected to increase in the coming years.


The primary drivers

Enterprises believe that adaptation of...

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CIOs Score Huge As Influencers of Business
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During their annual CIO survey held this year, Nash and KPMG expressed to the world that technology leaders are experiencing a change that has soared to unprecedented levels, and all this is coming from unexpected quarters. Executives in technology are taking advantage of the uncertainty by assisting their firms become more tech savvy and to get through transformation and be successful.


CIOs become more integrated and important

For a decade, the impact of CIOs in the economy has been at a record high. Most of them can be seen in the boardrooms more frequently. They are leaders who...

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Big Data and the challenges to privacy in an ever changing landscape
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Big Data is a fairly simple term to describe complex data sets so large that conventional databases are unable to process them. They can be utilized by businesses to improve customer care in many, previously unavailable, ways, but they also raise a number of new privacy and security challenges.


Why Now?

For large businesses, the concept and use of big data is not a new idea by any means, but due to the reduced costs associated, medium and even small businesses are also beginning to utilize these data sets. 

The rules surrounding data governance across organizations have...

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Practical Advice
How to make Employee Performance Review Successful
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Every organisation needs to conduct employee performance reviews to examine the performance of workers in the firm. The examination is performed most often, such as four times a year, after every six months or annually, to achieve the goals of the company consistently. The following include several key points a manager needs to consider to have a successful employee performance assessment meeting:


Preparation and goal setting 

As a manager, you first need to set the objectives you are aiming to achieve from a review meeting, and also define the methods to use in your...

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Practical Advise
4 Tips on creating a culture of cyber security at the workplace
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Nowadays, most businesses face cyber security challenges that compromise their assets and employees' safety. By finding means to proactively protect their staff and clients, they can keep their organisation safe and secure. Running a small business can make you an easy target for online fraudsters and hackers. Similarly, if you are part of a multinational corporation, your company may still be at a higher risk. Having adequate resources and maintaining a dedicated information technology team will help secure your network. Here are a few tips on how you can create a culture of cyber...

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