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Dell End-User Security Survey
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Sharing of confidential information with unauthorised persons a scandal?! Not for many employees. In effort to find out how widespread the situation is, Dell commissioned a global survey of 2,608 professionals who are responsible for handling confidential data at companies that have 250 or more employees. Despite the fact that the results reveal that 72% of employees are willing to share confidential information, in most cases, their motives are not spiteful at all. The survey also shed light on some aspects in which companies are failing when it comes to laying down the necessary...

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Availability Report 2017
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The sixth annual availability report from Veeam was carried out in late 2016. The survey was involved 24 countries and included among others, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Thailand, France, and Saudi Arabia. It was performed to determine the availability gap; the gap between what IT can deliver and the its availability according to the user’s expectations, and the price enterprises can pay for this gap.


Availability gap stifles innovation

Companies, both big and small, are looking forward to making a cut on the competitive digital edge. The IT world seems...

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Inside Story
Artificial Intelligence Failing To Deal With Transparency Challenges?
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Many breakthroughs have been made in the field of artificial intelligence and these changes, despite coming with benefits, also availed new challenges. As artificial intelligence advances into higher levels, it has become more challenging to understand the inner workings of these algorithms. One of the reasons this happens is because most companies that design AI systems don’t offer allowance for the scrutiny of the algorithms. This coupled with the increasing complexity of AI presents a major transparency nightmare that experts are yet to resolve. 


AI algorithms are...

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Inside Story
End of Intel's developer forum
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Intel is scrapping its annual Intel Developer Forum which has been taking place for the last 20 years. The event attracted tech enthusiasts every year and the company would make some of its crucial announcement on the introduction of any new technology or products. 

IDF started in Palm Springs, California in 1997 and has grown with the high demand of computers after moving to San Francisco. The show has seen a considerable decline in the number of tech enthusiasts who have been participating due to the low demand in the PC market. The future of Intel cannot be solely tied to the...

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Inside Story
VMware acquires Wavefront
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VMware has a core strategy of ensuring applications running on both private and public clouds perform optimally by facilitating and managing hybrid cloud environments. The acquisition of Wavefront, a monitoring software maker, should not come as a surprise for many. However, the fee for the acquisition is still undisclosed.

It has been a habit for companies undertaking digital transformations to lean heavily on hybrid clouds to deploy software. Nearly every industry has been playing out this scenario. To increase the speed and efficiency of this scenario, many companies are now...

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Cloud Skills
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Companies are finding it difficult to find specific cloud skills, according to a new study carried out by Microsoft. One in three companies has admitted that it’s either ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’ to find skilled individuals for employment. This gap in cloud skills is expected to widen and out of the 250 respondents, only 31% had recruited cloud skills over the past 1 year. According to 30% of overall respondents, they said it was ‘difficult’ to find the right skills, as compared to 8% who found it ‘very difficult.’

One of the...

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Product Information
Google splits Hangouts into two separate apps
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Google hangout, which is almost four years, has been split into two separate apps. The two apps are Hangouts meet, which is a video conferencing app and Hangouts chat, which is a messaging app. These two separate apps are in line to serve as the equivalents of Google’s Allo and Duo apps. However, Meet is widely available while Hangouts chat is still at the beta testing stage. 

Google is known for following a messy path when it comes to messaging. It currently has nine messaging apps, namely Messenger, Google Chat, Allo, Duo, Hangouts Meet, Hangout Chat, Spaces group-sharing app,...

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How to survive as a CIO
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It is important for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and those running mid-size or large companies to continue changing and adjusting to avoid suffering unpleasant consequences due to the ever-changing nature of the business environment. 

The diffuse nature of technology means it is no longer realistic or even effective to assume tight control. Since many employees are now more knowledgeable about new technology, it is more effective to employ the shared governance model. It is highly recommended to invest in computing and communication infrastructure, which in recent times has...

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Inside Story
Google discloses bug vulnerability details
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Google has once again proven its tough stance against vulnerabilities after its 90-day Project Zero had a strict disclosure deadline. Based on the latest bug report that has been filed by the Project Zero staff at Google, it was found that the bug first appeared in March 2016 before getting fixed in June 2016. 

The bug, which is called CVE 2017 0037, had wormed its way into Internet Explorer and allowed hackers to impose arbitrary code on target devices whenever users visit an infected website. This bug affected Windows 7, 8, and 10. Researchers in Microsoft have published an...

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Online Brands Are Largest Television Advertising Clients
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Online brands in the United Kingdom are the largest spenders when it comes to television advertising. Over the last seven years, while the economy in the UK has been struggling in some sectors, advertising on television has actually grown. The increase in revenue has mainly come through the online players in different sectors, which choose to boost their web traffic and client base by relying on a traditional form of media.

In 2013, UK television income developed for the fourth successive year, with over 700 new or returning promoters showing up on TV screens. These new or returning brands...

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