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The Challenges Enterprises Face with BYOD
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The concept of BYOD or "bring-your-own-device" has become very popular in the workplace, offering a win-win proposition for both employers and employees. Employers do not have to invest in arranging computing devices for their employees, or train them to use in-house devices. Employees get to make a seamless transition between work and home, and improve their productivity manifold.

However, the concept of BYOD is fraught with challenges for enterprises. 

As more and more employee-owned devices enter the workplace, the number of devices connecting to the corporate network...

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Wifi Aware - Engage with local, social and local activities
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New Wi-Fi Aware technology allows a mobile device to scan the local environment for Wi-Fi connections, information and applications in real time. It is a background process that notifies you whenever something of interest is within a connectable distance. Does it drain the battery? On the contrary, it saves power by using power efficient technology, which saves the battery for when it is needed. You can engage with local, social and local activities and save battery power because your device shows what is nearby before connecting. What do people use it for? Local services are often used on...

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Apptivo - the future of project management
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Apptivo is a web-based enterprise software that comes bundled with numerous apps that help cover certain business management aspects. It currently has forty free cloud-based apps for small businesses, with its core product categories being customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, invoicing and project management.


Some of Apptivo’s most popular apps The Project App The Project App allows the user to define project requirements, create tasks and build a team. The tasks can be turned into milestones, tracked and used to automatically generate invoices or...

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What's new in Windows 10?
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Windows 10 was announced in April 2014 and is expected to be released in its final form very soon. At present, a beta version is available for testing by the public via the Window Insider Programme. What Happened to Windows 9?


Confusingly, Microsoft opted to move straight from Windows 8 to 10. It seems that Microsoft would like to present Windows 10 as a new start in unified operating systems - they are calling it 'a whole new generation'. A Platform for Multiple Devices


The real novelty about Windows 10 is that it is intended to unify the multiple Windows operating systems that...

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Secure your mobile devices even on vacation
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The daily usage of mobile devices didnt stop after work, even on vacation these devices are used. If you need to be available for requests, or you just want to check your mails.


Especially with BYOD there is no split between business und private usage of these devices. Therefore mobile devices that are used on vacations can still contain some business data.


But vacation time is one of the biggest dangers to loose mobile devices. If you are fascinated by sightseeing and loosing your device or if it is stolen, the result is as bad, business data are lost to. On vacation there are so...

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