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CIOs Score Huge As Influencers of Business
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During their annual CIO survey held this year, Nash and KPMG expressed to the world that technology leaders are experiencing a change that has soared to unprecedented levels, and all this is coming from unexpected quarters. Executives in technology are taking advantage of the uncertainty by assisting their firms become more tech savvy and to get through transformation and be successful.


CIOs become more integrated and important

For a decade, the impact of CIOs in the economy has been at a record high. Most of them can be seen in the boardrooms more frequently. They are leaders who...

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SD-WAN Push In Digital Services
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The globe is changing in various dynamics and among them a majority is centered on a digital platform. Earthlink through its CIO official Jay Ferro offers a solution to the changing dynamics because of the strategic position they take in digital solutions by pitching customers with the latest digital stuff in the market. He focuses on pushing digital services to adopt the SD- WAN. The CIO offers a unique perspective which is handy in capturing the markets using digital innovations like the software defined wide area network.
Entrepreneurship is a public act as many can easily determine what...

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Why CIOs are a Worried
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Why CIOs are a Worried Lot Despite the Tremendous Potential that IT Provides
The latest advancements in Information Technology, such as Big Data, IoT and more, offer great scope for enterprises to unlock new horizons and improve efficiency. Yet, CIOs are a worried lot. 

The major cause for worry is the extremely fluid nature of the IT space, which leaves them fighting a constant battle to ensure the company's IT infrastructure is capable enough to withstand the rigours of fast paced changes, and ensure the set-up meets the long term requirements of the organisation.

A related...

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From Function to Strategy: The Changing Role of the CIO in 2016
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The State of the CIO annual survey for 2016 has just been released this month, and it has revealed some interesting shifts for the role of the CIO in business operations and development. 84% of the 571 executives that were surveyed agree that their role is becoming increasingly important to their business, but this seems fairly obvious as the role of IT has become increasingly vital for businesses, particularly with the emergence of digital business models and the rising demand for cloud computing. 

However, what is interesting is that it is much more likely that a CIO would say that...

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@Advertisers! #TwitterExpansionWins
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Twitter is relatively new to the world of advertising, having only last year initiated their Twitter Publisher Network (TPN) which allowed managed clients (and managed clients only) to advertise through off-site apps. However, following positive reviews and an uptick in expected profits, the company is looking to broaden these horizons even more.


The TPN was only available in a limited number of countries, but this is looking to more than double in the next few weeks and months.


There are some three hundred million Twitter users, and up to seven hundred million peripheral...

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How to detect and prevent Android virus threats
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Detecting and preventing viruses on the android OS

Here’s the bad news. As a programmer, there is more money in taking the Android operating system apart and exploiting it than there is in helping people prevent and detect viruses/malware.


Why such a bleak outlook?

Go to Google Play and you will find a chunk of virus/malware detectors for free. People aren’t spending big money on protecting themselves, so companies are not investing big money in protecting people (it’s called economics).


How to tell if you have a virus/malware?

You are reading this, so you...

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Nemesis Payment Card Malware 101
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Cyber criminals are continuously working on creating new malware in order to steal card details and other personal information, so financial institutions have to stay on top of their game when it comes to potential security breaches. Over the years, high profile businesses, including Home Depot and Target, have all been targeted by these cyber criminals. A new type of malware has recently been discovered, which the F1N1 calls Nemesis. We reveal the suspected group behind Nemesis and how it can penetrate the hard drive, plus we explain what can be done to safely remove Nemesis from personal...

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In awe AT TIMI and its predictive analytical tools
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The TIMi business insight company exist to help you mine data, which you may then use within their analytic and predictive tools. They offer a predictive analytic tool that has exceptional accuracy, scalability and speed.

The key features that TIMi has

TIMi Business Insight has a range of features and functions, to the point where there are too many to cover in one article, so here are the most prominent and powerful functions, features and selling points. 

TIMi is able to read native datasets stored in your compressed text files. The features of TIMi will increase your...

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The branding tools you need to survive
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Creating, having and maintaining a brand takes a lot of work, and it is almost a given these days that a branded company will use tools to lift some of the burden from its staff. Tools also help to make the process of brand growth a little easier and more efficient. 

Content Creation Tools

These help you educate people about your brand and its associated products. The type of tool you choose will depend on the type of content you wish to create, though one assumes that these days you will need various tools because few companies concentrate on one type of content exclusively. 


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Get Hppy! makes employee´s happy
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The intimate correlation between employee happiness and productivity is so well observed that it is almost indisputable. Keeping your employees happy is sure to boost their work output, and bolster their loyalty to your company. Employee morale will always be affected by problems that the management doesn't fully appreciate, but getting feedback from the staff into the nature of these problems is notoriously difficult. We all know the intense annoyance of being forced to fill out boring feedback forms at every turn, all too aware that the forms will likely be scrapped with only minimal,...

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