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PAC study: Challenges in SAP Application Management – external service providers increasingly important
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For years, companies have been dealing with one central theme in IT: Adapting the SAP portfolio to the challenges of the digital age. The focus here lay especially on the operation and management of SAP applications. In earlier years, it seemed sufficient to rely on the process- and governance-driven approach for application management. In lapidary terms, the main thing was that the applications run. But these times are long gone and the challenges in SAP Application Management are becoming increasingly complex and urgent for companies.

For this reason, the consulting firm...

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Eliminate Bandwidth and Latency Problems
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The need to process data faster is the main reason why edge computing is becoming popular by the day. Cloud computing is now viewed to have a slow latency compared to edge computing, and that is why it is popular. Its low latency in processing information is the reason why important data is handled at the edge of the network. 


Benefits of Edge Computing 

With so many people aware of the internet today, a large percentage of people have based their daily activities on the internet – enterprises even more so. But to fulfill all tasks in a timely manner, internet...

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Cloud Cost Management
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Operating your company in the cloud is different than running on premises. As the operations differ, so do the strategies for controlling costs. From a financial perspective, a data centre needs a huge capital outlay for the building, extra capital spending for software licenses and servers, and smaller but essential operating expenses for powering the cooling systems and the servers, and for management and maintenance. In the cloud, on the other hand, you will not incur any capital expenses. Instead, there can be enormous operating costs, charged for the server virtual machine...

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Practical Advice
Top 5 cloud security threats in 2018
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Information technology will continue to fight against cloud security threats in 2018 just as it has been in the previous years. With the lingering threats that continue looming over businesses this year, the need for practicing data protection is more important than ever before. To know more about these threats, here are the top 5 cloud security dangers:


1. Inadequate security tools in the cloud

Most businesses aren't fully equipped with adequate cloud security tools, hence the reason data leakages occur. By investing a little time in an efficient cloud security tool, every...

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Why Hybrid Cloud is the Future of Computing
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The cloud is a rage, but the big advantages come with some significant drawbacks. The spotlight is now on hybrid cloud computing, essentially a mix of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud deployment models, as an effective way to sustain the advantages while overcoming the drawbacks. 


The cloud made everything simple – the hybrid cloud is even simpler

Many enterprises have adopted the public and private cloud in a big way, to leverage the latest cutting-edge computing technology, such as advanced data analytic tools, machine learning platforms, and more. With the...

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Big Data and the challenges to privacy in an ever changing landscape
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Big Data is a fairly simple term to describe complex data sets so large that conventional databases are unable to process them. They can be utilized by businesses to improve customer care in many, previously unavailable, ways, but they also raise a number of new privacy and security challenges.


Why Now?

For large businesses, the concept and use of big data is not a new idea by any means, but due to the reduced costs associated, medium and even small businesses are also beginning to utilize these data sets. 

The rules surrounding data governance across organizations have...

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Practical Advice
Two Top Methods To Utilize The Deployment of a Hybrid Cloud
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Within a globalized world, the movement towards greater interconnectedness sparks the innovation of technology to maximize society’s efficiency. Similarly, a hybrid cloud enables the computing environment to intertwine private, public and third party cloud services; creating a flexible environment to utilize workloads between systems. In order to deploy a successful hybrid cloud, there are a few essential methods you must incorporate to optimize efficiency, security, and performance. 


Using An Efficient Network Design 

The creation of a hybrid cloud is a strategic...

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Availability Report 2017
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The sixth annual availability report from Veeam was carried out in late 2016. The survey was involved 24 countries and included among others, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Thailand, France, and Saudi Arabia. It was performed to determine the availability gap; the gap between what IT can deliver and the its availability according to the user’s expectations, and the price enterprises can pay for this gap.


Availability gap stifles innovation

Companies, both big and small, are looking forward to making a cut on the competitive digital edge. The IT world seems...

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Inside Story
VMware acquires Wavefront
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VMware has a core strategy of ensuring applications running on both private and public clouds perform optimally by facilitating and managing hybrid cloud environments. The acquisition of Wavefront, a monitoring software maker, should not come as a surprise for many. However, the fee for the acquisition is still undisclosed.

It has been a habit for companies undertaking digital transformations to lean heavily on hybrid clouds to deploy software. Nearly every industry has been playing out this scenario. To increase the speed and efficiency of this scenario, many companies are now...

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Why CFOs and CEOs Should Learn the Agendas of CIOs for Data Resilience
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The agenda of the CIO changes each year even if drastically. One of the main things that were eyed in 2015 was hybrid cloud spending, but 2016 has seen business managers focus more on enhancing the power of digital media. According to the Gartner CIO Agenda of 2016, businesses should understand and use the effects of digital platforms in all aspects of the business. 

Those who fail to understand the agenda are more likely to expose their companies to problems that could lead to failure in a number of aspects. For example, failure to understand the need to retain and search for talent...

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