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Why Hybrid Cloud is the Future of Computing
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The cloud is a rage, but the big advantages come with some significant drawbacks. The spotlight is now on hybrid cloud computing, essentially a mix of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud deployment models, as an effective way to sustain the advantages while overcoming the drawbacks. 


The cloud made everything simple – the hybrid cloud is even simpler

Many enterprises have adopted the public and private cloud in a big way, to leverage the latest cutting-edge computing technology, such as advanced data analytic tools, machine learning platforms, and more. With the...

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Practical Advice
Two Top Methods To Utilize The Deployment of a Hybrid Cloud
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Within a globalized world, the movement towards greater interconnectedness sparks the innovation of technology to maximize society’s efficiency. Similarly, a hybrid cloud enables the computing environment to intertwine private, public and third party cloud services; creating a flexible environment to utilize workloads between systems. In order to deploy a successful hybrid cloud, there are a few essential methods you must incorporate to optimize efficiency, security, and performance. 


Using An Efficient Network Design 

The creation of a hybrid cloud is a strategic...

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Mobile technologies are reducing the mainframe-performance
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New technologies meet old infrastructures in many companies. Especially the boom for mobile technologies has increased the complexity, usage and cost for mainframe applications. Old mainframe infrastructures are not always able to manage this high workload and the bug-management is not easy and sometimes not successful due to the old infrastructure.


Compuware has published a worldwide CIO study to show the influence of new technologies and trends to the mainframe. 350 CIOs from big companies in all industries attended this survey in Australia, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK...

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