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The 5 Biggest Windows 10 Challenges for CISOs
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For devices in business everyday life it is the standard par excellence: Microsoft Windows. After Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 7 originally for January 2019, many German companies have already switched to Windows 10. According to StatCounter, around 58.39% of all computers in Germany currently run this operating system.

This means that they are already set up for the future – because Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 the new standard and continuously develop it further. But once migrated, the work for CISOs is unfortunately not yet done: the entire IT...

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Practical Advice
How to protect data in the cloud
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The endorsement of cloud data storage has greatly enabled innovation, creativity, and peer collaboration. Many people enjoy its accessibility and resourcefulness. However, cloud security measures are often neglected, and most companies expect the service providers to be accountable. Many businesses only protect their credit card information and personal data. They do not prioritise on investing financial and other appropriate resources to protect critical information. As a result, some companies encounter problems when combating security threats while others suffer great losses in...

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A guide to the significance of compliance management
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Compliance forms a considerable part of corporate management, and this is typically regarding the fact that this term is used in describing the company with regards to obeying and sticking to all of the legal regulations and rules. These accounts for the diverse ways that the organisation manages the business, their staff and also their ideas around their consumers. This concept of compliance is one of the ways laid aside to help the corporation act respectably. Some of the benefits that come with better compliance management include;


Standard Rules and Regulations

One standard base...

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Practical Advice
Top 5 cloud security threats in 2018
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Information technology will continue to fight against cloud security threats in 2018 just as it has been in the previous years. With the lingering threats that continue looming over businesses this year, the need for practicing data protection is more important than ever before. To know more about these threats, here are the top 5 cloud security dangers:


1. Inadequate security tools in the cloud

Most businesses aren't fully equipped with adequate cloud security tools, hence the reason data leakages occur. By investing a little time in an efficient cloud security tool, every...

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Ransomware gets an evil brother: extortionware on the rise
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Many people are aware of the widespread ransomware, but only a few know or have experienced extortionware. Although these two elements are security threats, their definition is different and may have diverse effects on the firm. Ransomware involves cyber criminals taking information and blackmailing the company to part with a defined sum of money to have it restored. In this case, the attack may be by the use of a virus which restricts data access by the attacked firm. When such an occurrence happens, the company may risk losing all its data if they do not have an alternative backup.


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Practical Advise
8 Ways to Minimize the Cost of a Data Breach
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A data breach can be extremely cost intensive, even threatening to business continuity. C-level managers act wisely, if they enable several processes and measures against. The following are ways through which you can cut the cost of data breach:


1. Encryption

You can reduce the cost of data breach by $16 by ensuring that your company is thoroughly encrypted. This entails protection of both data at rest (files saved on devices) and data in transit (such sending an email).


2. Business Community Management (BCM)

Wise organizations identity potential threats and with a BCM process...

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Big Data and the challenges to privacy in an ever changing landscape
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Big Data is a fairly simple term to describe complex data sets so large that conventional databases are unable to process them. They can be utilized by businesses to improve customer care in many, previously unavailable, ways, but they also raise a number of new privacy and security challenges.


Why Now?

For large businesses, the concept and use of big data is not a new idea by any means, but due to the reduced costs associated, medium and even small businesses are also beginning to utilize these data sets. 

The rules surrounding data governance across organizations have...

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Enterprises Unprepared for GDPR
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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new EU data security and privacy law, officially approved as the law in April 2016, and slated to come into effect by May 2018, will shake up enterprises in a big way.

Enterprises, on whom the burden of compliance falls, have a long way to go. A recent survey from Experian and the Ponemon Institute reveals only 24 percent of companies surveyed say they have a high degree of readiness to adhere to the GDPR, and 59 percent of respondents do not understand what they need to do to comply in the first place. Nevertheless, compliance is expedient....

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China Effects New Cyber Security Law
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There has been a lot of buzz regarding the new cyber security law that came into effect on 1st of June 2017. Although it is a step in the right direction seeing as how cyber crimes have increased over the years, it hasn't augured well with a number of experts and critics at all. This is mainly because the government hasn't been quite clear about how far-reaching the law will be implemented despite carrying humongous fines with it. Some of the things you need to know about the law include:


What the law entails

Basically, this law is meant to protect the citizen's personal...

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Product Information
Give Some Credits To Windows 10
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It is nearly fourteen months since Windows 10 entered the market. However, a saddening fact is that most computers are still running under previous versions of Windows. Windows 10 offers an exclusive experience to its users because of the numerous new features which are installed in its operating system. 
Though I am not openly castigating Microsoft's attempt in forcing their customers to use the new version of Windows 10, customers stand to benefit a lot from using the new version of windows as compared with other versions, it offers efficiency in speed while also standing out due...

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