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Practical Advise
8 Ways to Minimize the Cost of a Data Breach
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A data breach can be extremely cost intensive, even threatening to business continuity. C-level managers act wisely, if they enable several processes and measures against. The following are ways through which you can cut the cost of data breach:


1. Encryption

You can reduce the cost of data breach by $16 by ensuring that your company is thoroughly encrypted. This entails protection of both data at rest (files saved on devices) and data in transit (such sending an email).


2. Business Community Management (BCM)

Wise organizations identity potential threats and with a BCM process...

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Practical Advice
What IT Departments Need to Know For Successful IT Audits
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Audits are no one’s favorite, for even in the best outcomes, they take up valuable time. Additionally, failed IT audits are particularly disastrous, for they have the potential of ruining your week faster than a DDoS attack. Worse than that, an adverse IT audit has the impact of a report card on your ability in management and, perspectively, your foreseeable future. But it doesn’t have to be a downhill; with enough preparation, proof of performance, and being well versed with your IT infrastructure, operations and policies, your worst nightmare can turn into a...

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Wifi Aware - Engage with local, social and local activities
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New Wi-Fi Aware technology allows a mobile device to scan the local environment for Wi-Fi connections, information and applications in real time. It is a background process that notifies you whenever something of interest is within a connectable distance. Does it drain the battery? On the contrary, it saves power by using power efficient technology, which saves the battery for when it is needed. You can engage with local, social and local activities and save battery power because your device shows what is nearby before connecting. What do people use it for? Local services are often used on...

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Do you really know how your customer data are used?
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Now, a joint study by the IT service provider Iron Mountain and the consulting firm Price Waterhouse showed that marketing employees have access to varied customer data, but It departments are responsible for data security. About 60 % of medium-sized companies consider marketing teams to be experts in gaining important information from the flood of data. As for the rest of medium-sized companies, they assume that customer service is particularly geared for that. In terms of data security, the study demonstrated that only one per cent of medium-sized companies consider marketing or customer...

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How could service provider respond to the data protection scandals of the past?
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The big trouble about the NSA-affair and the following scandals are gone away now. But even if the media is not pushing this anymore, its not done yet, like the news show that are popping up again all the time. A lot of companies try to give a statement about this affairs and try to find their new position with this damaged market image.


Especially German companies do profit from the laws and regulations in Germany. These regulations were seen as pain points in the past, because sometime they look much to hard and troublesome, but now Germany has an image as a big guardian of data and...

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5 Security tips for the new year
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There are a lot of new years resolutions we want to be successful in 2014. You wanna loose some weight, make more sports, spend more time with friends and family, start a new lifestyle and much more. But whats about your new years resolutions for 2014 depending your IT-usage and –systems?


TÜV Trust has published some useful tips for the new year. Some of them sound like standard points, but like it is with most of the new years resolutions, everyone knows there are several things that need to be looked at, but most times these plans are nothing else than plans. Its hard to be win the...

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Data protection for more security for you and your clients
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Data protection is always very important for a company. The more it is surprising, how many companies, especially SMB companies, didnt care about it. And if you keep in mind that not only the big players are lucrative victims for criminals this is surprising.


Nearly every company is responsible for data protection and liable. If you have personal data of your costumers, suppliers or service provider, you need to take care about data protection regulations and you need to avoid that these data could be touched by unauthorized persons.


Data protection is regulated in Germany by the...

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Fraunhofer SIT has published a research roadmap for more dataprotection in the web
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Protection of privacy, personal data and confidentiality in the internet got attacked several times in the last months. Big brother is watching you, like it is called with no good outcomes.


People are loosing their trust in the new digital way of communication. Which data are still save, what information can be published online and which data are already victims of espionage? For consumer mostly only bad new, but for companies this is a growing problem.


The Fraunhofer SIT has analyzed this problem in detail and tried to look where the most potential security risks are and what...

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SMBs are still afraid of the Cloud
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Due to the data security scandals in the past and espionage SMB is still afraid of new technologies, that open the companies data to the web. Especially using the cloud is still a problem for those companies.


The last months have shown how easy foreign agencies can access client- or internal-data of companies that are used in the world wide web. So why should a company open its doors for using internal data and applications in the cloud?


Cloud technologies have many advantages for a business. You are able to share data with mobile worker or service provider and work much more...

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