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SAP S/4 HANA stagniert
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In January 2019, the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) conducted an investment survey of companies using the Walldorf ERP software product line. Only around 3 percent of the total of 244 respondents from Germany, Austria and Switzerland work with SAP S/4HANA according to the latest findings of DSAG. Another 5 per cent of the companies surveyed plan to introduce S/4HANA in 2019. According to the Corporate Fact Sheet of the SAP initiators, 10,500 companies from the D-A-CH economic region used the S/4HANA database at the end of 2018, i.e. 2.5 percent of the 425,000 total users.



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Crisp Research: Trends in four directions 
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Crisp Research has once again taken a look into the future and predicts digitisation trends in four directions for 2019. In addition to data availability, digital strategy and human interaction with technology are possible innovations in the near future. Whether these innovations actually lead to improvements depends to a large extent on how those responsible handle the collected data and what conclusions they draw from it. 


New data sources 2019 

Data Lakes and Hadoop are now proven technologies for storing large amounts of data. According to Crisp Research, 2019 will...

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Main Reasons for a Failing Digital Workplace
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Nobody likes to fail: failure makes you feel uncomfortable, inadequate and embarrassed. At your workplace, it can lead to demotivation, write-ups or even termination. As an employee or a manager, failure is not fatal, and when you permit yourself to fail, at the same time, you are giving yourself an opportunity to excel. 

Compared to other major initiatives, the procedure for creating digital workplaces has various opportunities to fail. However, attempting to avoid or eliminate failure at all costs can be more detrimental and can result in expensive mistakes. If your company is...

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CEBIT 2018: What you need to know
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CEBIT 2018 will take place in June next year with a complete new outset, and will feature new event formats, layouts and a new theme. It will focus on four elements;



D!conomy is focused towards the digitisation of government and business. It will address the means by which international companies can leverage on the benefits of the digital economy as they can present effective solutions that industrial users require to digitise their operations. D!conomy will feature the following themes; digital office, communication, process and data management, security and...

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Why enterprises are employing new workstyle strategies
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According to research carried out by Dimension Data titled "Digital Workplace Report: Transforming your business" artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it is already having a huge impact in driving transformation in many organisations. The report was carried out in 5 continents across 15 countries and surveyed 800 organisations. The big takeaway from this report is that many organisations are now moving to digital and virtual workplaces, with this trend expected to increase in the coming years.


The primary drivers

Enterprises believe that adaptation of...

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CIOs Score Huge As Influencers of Business
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During their annual CIO survey held this year, Nash and KPMG expressed to the world that technology leaders are experiencing a change that has soared to unprecedented levels, and all this is coming from unexpected quarters. Executives in technology are taking advantage of the uncertainty by assisting their firms become more tech savvy and to get through transformation and be successful.


CIOs become more integrated and important

For a decade, the impact of CIOs in the economy has been at a record high. Most of them can be seen in the boardrooms more frequently. They are leaders who...

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Practical Advice
3 Aspects for a Successful Job Training on Digitalisation
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The mere fact that there have been drastic changes driven by processing power, storage, and bandwidth in the world of technology is a sign that there is a need for us to change the dynamics of business processes including how we teach and train our labour force. Even so, given that creating a digital culture isn't something that can be easily improvised, many human resource and training leaders have had a tedious time facing the new challenges that come about as a result. In light of this, the only way to convert a company to digital is by training the employees for digitisation.


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The German government has selected Berlin as the home for the new internet institute. 
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The German National Internet Institute will be located in Berlin. Out of a shortlist of five sites, a jury of international specialists together with the German federal research ministry has selected a proposal from a syndicate of five major universities and two research centres in the Berlin-Brandenburg area.

As part of its Digital itinerary, the German government has put in place goals to help in realising an impactful and positive influence in the digitalisation process. One of those agendas was establishing an effective, national internet centre


The purpose of the German...

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The Era of Digital Change
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The increasing connectivity of businesses, machines, and people has changed the demands of the markets from what we knew before. In order for businesses to keep with the trend and continue commanding their niches, they have had to transform to these new demands by adopting digital business models and procedures. However, to influence the culture, CIOs must not only understand the transformation but also become a part of it.
While many businesses are open to change, they are stuck in risk aversion thus presenting the biggest challenge to digital transformation.

Slow to embrace...

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Get Ready to Stir Digital Transformation Within Next 12 Months
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According to Dell’s Digital Business Services global head Raman Sapra, CIOs are improving their digital efforts. Digitization has enhanced the growth of new business models and start-ups are embracing technology like never before. Most business processes and operations are now digitized in a bid to improve operational efficiency. This has also helped to boost loyalty among customers. 

This transformation has been embraced by all kinds of institutions, with banks shifting from branch-based systems to digital banking, thereby availing conveniences to customers. Unlike before, a...

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