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Cyber hygiene: All you need to know 
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Cyber hygiene is the practice of keeping your organisation's computers and devices in good working order and adequately protected against the threats of malware, hacking and viruses. It's a form of risk mitigation, and having a cyber hygiene routine in place is as essential to the health of your IT system as brushing your teeth with toothpaste twice daily is for your dental health. 

You can keep your system as healthy as possible by following these steps: 


Put a cyber security framework in place 

Adhere to a cyber security framework which is a coherent plan to...

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It's Time to Make the Most of IT Professionals for IT Security
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Findings of a recent ISC² study show that companies are not fully using their IT professionals when it comes to cybersecurity. Also, they are not making the most of opportunities to train equip these professionals who play such a vital role in protecting their organisations from cyber threats. Over 3,300 IT professionals were surveyed across the world to deliver these findings as part of a Global Information Security Workforce Study for 2017. The survey shows that proper training and accreditation for IT staff is important because it is the most effective way for many companies to...

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The Increasingly Important Role of Managed Security Service Providers
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The threats found within the digital world are now more serious than ever before. Whether referring to Zero-Day Ransomware, phishing or DDoS attacks, organisations need to take such possibilities very seriously. The irony is that procuring adequate levels of protection can prove to be challenging for businesses which have neither the time nor the experience. Thus, the role of the managed security service provider becomes quite clear. 


Layered and Thorough Protection

From a general point of view, the managed security service provider (MSSP) is concerned with...

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Practical Advice
Embracing Shadow IT in businesses
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What happens when employees feel that the IT department is not being innovative enough to fulfilling their needs? Employees may become less innovative and inefficient in their duties, but with the pressures of performing on today's workplace, they tend to find solutions elsewhere. This is why shadow IT is quickly growing as an alternative solution.


What is Shadow IT?

When technology is implemented by an individual or team without the approval of the IT team it is shadow IT. For example, an entire department may decide to use a different cloud computing environment from the rest...

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Practical Advise
4 Tips on creating a culture of cyber security at the workplace
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Nowadays, most businesses face cyber security challenges that compromise their assets and employees' safety. By finding means to proactively protect their staff and clients, they can keep their organisation safe and secure. Running a small business can make you an easy target for online fraudsters and hackers. Similarly, if you are part of a multinational corporation, your company may still be at a higher risk. Having adequate resources and maintaining a dedicated information technology team will help secure your network. Here are a few tips on how you can create a culture of cyber...

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6 top skills needed for the Internet of Things
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As one of the most revolutionary technology inclinations of the modern world, the Internet of Things (IoT) only seems to be heading in an upward trajectory. Thus, there is need for the modern day workforce to adopt some skill sets that will maximize on their marketability. Here are some of the hot skills that will be sought after in the flourishing Internet of Things.


1. Information security 

Cyber security will be one of the most sought after skill. As systems become interlinked, the potential for data attacks increases. Thus, cyber security experts who can foresee and deal...

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Dell End-User Security Survey
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Sharing of confidential information with unauthorised persons a scandal?! Not for many employees. In effort to find out how widespread the situation is, Dell commissioned a global survey of 2,608 professionals who are responsible for handling confidential data at companies that have 250 or more employees. Despite the fact that the results reveal that 72% of employees are willing to share confidential information, in most cases, their motives are not spiteful at all. The survey also shed light on some aspects in which companies are failing when it comes to laying down the necessary...

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Availability Report 2017
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The sixth annual availability report from Veeam was carried out in late 2016. The survey was involved 24 countries and included among others, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Thailand, France, and Saudi Arabia. It was performed to determine the availability gap; the gap between what IT can deliver and the its availability according to the user’s expectations, and the price enterprises can pay for this gap.


Availability gap stifles innovation

Companies, both big and small, are looking forward to making a cut on the competitive digital edge. The IT world seems...

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SEPA brings new jobs for Cobol-Specialists
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The years 2000 and 2001 brought a big comeback for Cobol-Specialists. IT-Systems in banking- und finance-sector needed adjustments for the change of the century. And many of these systems and gateways were not replaced in the last years and are still in use.


SEPA the new standardization for European payments brings some new chances and jobs for Cobol-Specialists. The numbers published by the project-site Gulp show, there were 902 projectrequests in 2012 including SEPA as part of the project. Especially MVS- and Cobol-Specialsts see profits in this trend, because a lot of banking- and...

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