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6 top skills needed for the Internet of Things
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As one of the most revolutionary technology inclinations of the modern world, the Internet of Things (IoT) only seems to be heading in an upward trajectory. Thus, there is need for the modern day workforce to adopt some skill sets that will maximize on their marketability. Here are some of the hot skills that will be sought after in the flourishing Internet of Things.


1. Information security 

Cyber security will be one of the most sought after skill. As systems become interlinked, the potential for data attacks increases. Thus, cyber security experts who can foresee and deal...

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Inside Story
Rise Of The Bots! The Ever Increasing Number Of Unprotected Online Devices Is Making DDoS Attacks Easy
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At the end of October the Internet was shaken up by a DDoS attack of unprecedented sophistication. It was carried out by a network of bots that had infected different devices mainly in the United States, notably a large number of security cameras.

The drama began to unfold in real time on the twitter account of IT expert Rob Graham. After installing a new camera he had bought online from Amazon for $55, Graham started to notice strange behavior almost immediately. In less than 2 minutes Graham's camera had been infected by 'Mirai'; his camera had now been 'weaponized'...

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