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Practical Advise
Remote Work Doesn't Have To Be A Black Hole
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With the demand for remote jobs, both employers and employees are seeking to be part of a virtual team. While companies focus on reducing operational costs by hiring a virtual team, employers on the other side need a more flexible job to make it possible to balance between family and career. As an employer, managing a virtual team can be a challenge, but you can master it with the following managerial skills:


Emphasise on Communication

One of the main aspects of keeping a virtual team alive is communication. You need to keep your remote employees engaged, as you would do in a...

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Successfully implementing compliance in business
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Regulatory compliance is a key element in every business which needs to stay ahead of the competition in its service delivery. An organisation should always be prepared for a random audit by creating a tradition of compliance. The employees will adopt this culture of compliance and learn acceptable behaviours in the organisation which will, in turn, prevent the business from facing regulatory sanctions. There are, however, some key factors which should be considered when implementing an effective compliance program:


Well-Structured Code of Conduct

The company policies...

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Practical Advice
How to make Employee Performance Review Successful
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Every organisation needs to conduct employee performance reviews to examine the performance of workers in the firm. The examination is performed most often, such as four times a year, after every six months or annually, to achieve the goals of the company consistently. The following include several key points a manager needs to consider to have a successful employee performance assessment meeting:


Preparation and goal setting 

As a manager, you first need to set the objectives you are aiming to achieve from a review meeting, and also define the methods to use in your...

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Practical Advise
4 Tips on creating a culture of cyber security at the workplace
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Nowadays, most businesses face cyber security challenges that compromise their assets and employees' safety. By finding means to proactively protect their staff and clients, they can keep their organisation safe and secure. Running a small business can make you an easy target for online fraudsters and hackers. Similarly, if you are part of a multinational corporation, your company may still be at a higher risk. Having adequate resources and maintaining a dedicated information technology team will help secure your network. Here are a few tips on how you can create a culture of cyber...

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Practical Advise
How to Run Good Meetings
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Business organisations conduct meetings either to convey an important information or for strategic planning and making decisions for various issues facing the firm. A well planned and effective meeting is important to any business entity in many ways: Effective meetings are cost effective and produces a sense purpose and accountability to all the members attending the meeting. Also, many things are settled in a short and reasonable time and with less efforts, which increases innovating rate and responsiveness to market demand.


Features of an effective meeting...

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Practical Advice
3 Aspects for a Successful Job Training on Digitalisation
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The mere fact that there have been drastic changes driven by processing power, storage, and bandwidth in the world of technology is a sign that there is a need for us to change the dynamics of business processes including how we teach and train our labour force. Even so, given that creating a digital culture isn't something that can be easily improvised, many human resource and training leaders have had a tedious time facing the new challenges that come about as a result. In light of this, the only way to convert a company to digital is by training the employees for digitisation.


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