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Ransomware gets an evil brother: extortionware on the rise
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Many people are aware of the widespread ransomware, but only a few know or have experienced extortionware. Although these two elements are security threats, their definition is different and may have diverse effects on the firm. Ransomware involves cyber criminals taking information and blackmailing the company to part with a defined sum of money to have it restored. In this case, the attack may be by the use of a virus which restricts data access by the attacked firm. When such an occurrence happens, the company may risk losing all its data if they do not have an alternative backup.


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The Increasingly Important Role of Managed Security Service Providers
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The threats found within the digital world are now more serious than ever before. Whether referring to Zero-Day Ransomware, phishing or DDoS attacks, organisations need to take such possibilities very seriously. The irony is that procuring adequate levels of protection can prove to be challenging for businesses which have neither the time nor the experience. Thus, the role of the managed security service provider becomes quite clear. 


Layered and Thorough Protection

From a general point of view, the managed security service provider (MSSP) is concerned with...

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Practical Advise
Protecting Your System against Ransomware
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Ransomware has been an increasing threat over the past few years with businesses and consumers facing terrible losses. This type of cybercrime involves hacking of critical information and then holding it for ransom until the owners pay. Most of these attacks target companies where data is a vital resource. A majority of ransomware infects systems through emails. Users click on infected links and end up with compromised data files. The most common tactic is to make files unreadable or inaccessible and then demand payment in the form of bitcoins to release the originals. In some instances,...

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Adobe Releases an Emergency Update for Flash
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Adobe has recently released an emergency Flash Player update due to a zero-day vulnerability in Flash. This update was due to a hole in flash that allows hackers to install ransomware on a victim’s PC. The attacker will then extort them for money in exchange for putting their systems back under their control. Even though Adobe maintains that the particular active attacks that were known to them were aiming at Windows 10 and any machines running older versions of Flash Player, the emergency update included fixes for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Chrome OS systems.

Adobe gave most of...

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